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Articles Published in Journals That Entered SCI, SSCI and AHCI Indexes

Set and Forget? The Evolution of Business Law in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey

Business History Review, vol.1, no.1, pp.1-36, 2021 (Journal Indexed in SSCI) Creative Commons License

The Wealth Tax of 1942 and the Disappearance of Non-Muslim Enterprises in Turkey

JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, vol.79, pp.201-243, 2019 (Journal Indexed in SSCI) identifier identifier

The rise and demise of gedik markets in Istanbul, 1750-1860

ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW, vol.71, no.1, pp.133-156, 2018 (Journal Indexed in SSCI) identifier identifier

A History of Ottoman Economic Thought. Developments Before the Nineteenth Century

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT, vol.22, no.1, pp.144-149, 2015 (Journal Indexed in SSCI) identifier

Articles Published in Other Journals

İşletmecilik Tarihi Açısından Osmanlı İktisat Tarihi Birikimine Bakış

İstanbul Üniversitesi İşletme Fakültesi Dergisi, no.45, pp.26-39, 2016 (Other Refereed National Journals)

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Yeni Veriler Işığında Türkiye’xxde Şirketleşme ve Firma Dinamikleri, 1917-1950

Türk Sosyal Bilimler Derneği 16. Ulusal Sosyal Bilimler Kongresi, Turkey, 26 November - 28 January 2019

Patterns of Legal Change: Company Law and Business Enterprise in the Middle East, 1850-1950

XII Congreso Internacional de La Asociacion Espanola de Historia Economica, 6 - 09 September 2017

From Guilds to Corporations in the Ottoman Empire Innovations in the Legal Form of Organization 1750 1900

18th Annual Congress of the European Business History Association (EBHA), 21 - 24 August 2014

Books & Book Chapters

S. Agir, Institutions and Business Organizations in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic

in: BUSINESS, ETHICS AND EVOLUTION OF TURKISH CAPITALISM IN GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES , Aslı Colpan,Geoffrey Hodgson, Editor, Routledge, London/New York , New York, pp.23-50, 2020

Ferdinanco Galiani's Dialogues sur le Commerce de Bleds: Text, Intertext, and Context

in: Ferdinando Galiani, Economy and Politics, Andre Tiran, Editor, Garnier, Paris, pp.371-399, 2018 Creative Commons License

“Gedik: What’s in a Name,”

in: Bread from the Lion s Mouth Artisans Strugglingfor a Livelihood in Ottoman Cities, Faroqhi, Suraiya, Editor, Berghahn Books, Oxford, pp.217-236, 2015