Announcements & Documents

Dependent Risks Research Group

Dependent Risks Research Group studies on a wide range of areas to capture the association structure mostly based on copulas in one and multivariate dimensions. The recent literature has shown that copulas become an important aid to identify the dependence among variables having different distributional properties. Having a multi-disciplinary structure, the research group works on the problems in energy, insurance, agriculture, finance problems, both in theory and application. 

Research includes:

·         Copulas in energy and commodity pricing 

·         Dependence in agriculture insurance

·         Non-life insurance and dependent risks

·         Morbidity risk using copulas and hidden Markov processes


Longevity and Pension Research Group

Longevity and Pension Research Group studies on the topic of the defined benefit (DB) underpin hybrid pension plan guarantees as a financial option. The recent economic conditions have proved challenging for traditional DB and DC plans in Turkey as well as in developed countries. Many final salary DB plans have been closed in the past few years. Hybrid plans combines elements of DB and DC plan design and provide a passage.

Research includes:

  • Dynamic Mortality Modeling
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Risk Management
  • Derivatives
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