Fabrication and Feasibility of Through Silicon Via for 3D MEMS Resonator Integration

Soydan A. K. , Yüksel M. B. , Işık Akçakaya D., KÜLAH H.

18th IEEE Sensors Conference, Montreal, Kanada, 27 - 30 Ekim 2019 identifier identifier


In this study, development of a wafer level, void free TSV fabrication process flow and feasibility study of TSV integration to MEMS piezoelectric resonator devices have been presented. TSV structures with 100 mu m diameter and 350 mu m depth were copper filled with via sealing and bottom-up electroplating process which is a two-step technique. Four-point Kelvin measurements showed 0.8 m Omega TSV resistance on fabricated TSVs. Furthermore, TSV frames were epoxy bonded to MEMS acoustic transducers, which showed 90% to the resonator signal from the TSV.