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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, Department Of Statistics
Research Areas: Science, Technology and Society, Law, Commercial Law, Private Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Information Law, Actuarial Studies, Radio, Cinema and Television, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, English Interpreting and Translating, Computer Sciences





Deniz Celikel, the founder of Desi Patents & Trademarks Limited has started to work when she was a high school student at various jobs including TRT and the first private radio station in Turkey. She has conducted and presented programs at radio and television stations, and she has continued to work as a speaker and programmer until her graduation from Middle East Technical University. After graduation she has worked as a statistician, programmer, software developer and web designer.


Mrs. Deniz Celikel is a member of AIPPI and PEM and not only a registered patent and trademark attorney and Intellectual Property expert witness (Civil Courts for Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights) but also a computer programmer and web designer since 1990. She has written two software (DesiIPSoft® and DesiSoft®) especially for IP matters. Since her primary profession is IP matters, we believe that the software that she has written is the most capable one compared with the others all over the world. One of them is used for searching and viewing all published IP matters in Turkey. The other one is for only the clients’ files and it’s possible to prepare detailed reports about their applications.


In addition to be a sworn translator she is also a part-time lecturer in Turkey and abroad on SQL, software, data mining, database management and intellectual property rights.


Her book "Decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Trademark Law and Customary Interpretationhas been published and the book sold out in a mere two months and additional edition has been published and also 2nd edition has also a high sell-through rate)

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