General Information

Institutional Information: Faculty Of Arts And Sciences, Department Of Biology
Research Areas: Environmental Pollution, Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Limnology, Fresh-Water Biology, Algalogy, Evolution

Names in Publications: Amorim Cihelio Alves, Amorim Cihelio A.


Ph.D. in Biodiversity and M.S. in Botany by Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco - UFRPE. His studies aim to understand the main causes and consequences of cyanobacterial blooms, especially the effects of eutrophication, salinization, and climate change. In addition, to test biomanipulation tools to control cyanobacterial biomass using submerged macrophytes and zooplankton.

He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Middle East Technical University, supervised by Prof. Erik Jeppesen, working on the ecology of saline lakes in Türkiye. He is working on the project Climate change effects on trophic structure and dynamics in saline and brackish water based on a space-for-time field sampling, controlled mesocosm experiments, paleoecology, remote sensing and modelling (CLIM-SALTLAKES), supported by TUBITAK 2232 call. Email: