Türkiye’nin Batı Karadeniz bölgesi için iki rüzgar veri seti kullanılarak en yüksek dalga değerlerinin hesaplanması.

Tezin Türü: Yüksek Lisans

Tezin Yürütüldüğü Kurum: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Türkiye

Tezin Onay Tarihi: 2014

Tezin Dili: İngilizce

Öğrenci: Cevdet Onur Erol



Design of coastal structures in Turkey depends on wind measurements since on-site wave measurements either do not exist or very limited. Two of the most commonly used wind data sets, meteorology and ECMWF, are decided to be compared and analyzed in terms of extreme wave characteristics to see their effects on design process when different data sets are utilized. For this purpose, seven points are selected along western coast of Black Sea in Turkey and both data sets are acquired from their respective sources. These data are re-arranged and organized to make them compatible with programs necessary for analysis, namely wind.exe and W61. For each location, graphical and numerical comparisons are made by plotting scatter graphs and wind roses for visualization and extreme analysis for numeric calculations. Obtained results and previous studies around selected regions are compared and results are presented. Also, an additional research on historical storm events based on online sources of local and national media is presented and results are compared with available data sets.