Signals of understanding in multilingual communication : a cross-linguistic functional-pragmatic analysis of interjections

Thesis Type: Post Graduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013

Thesis Language: English

Student: Mehmet Akkuş



The main objective of this study is to investigate and find out the contribution of interjections as indicators of understanding in an Azerbaijani-Turkish Lingua Receptiva (LaRa) communication within the framework of Functional Pragmatics. The data utilized in this study were collected by video recording four Turkish and two university Azerbaijani native speakers who had paired each other and played a world famous guessing game Taboo. The length of data obtained from these recordings is circa two hours. The data obtained from these recordings were transcribed using the transcription software EXMARaLDA. Moreover, phonological features of the Turkish and Azerbaijani interjections were analyzed using PRAAT. Turkish and Azerbaijani interjections, as in all world languages, have been a neglected subject matter (Ameka, 1992) in linguistic studies. In this study, it has been aimed at contributing the literature in the field. According to the findings of the present study, there are instances which overlap and vary with respect to Turkish and Azerbaijani interlocutors’ (non-)understanding. There are some other features influencing the functions of interjections in addition to the extralinguistic phenomena which are beyond the scope of the present study.