Attitudes, motivation and study habits of english language learners: The case of Başkent University second-year students

Thesis Type: Post Graduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Faculty of Education, Department of Foreign Language Education, Turkey

Approval Date: 2008




This thesis aimed to investigate Ba"kent University second-year students’ attitudes towards English, motivation to learn English and their general and vocabulary study habits with respect to their motivation levels. It also attempted to examine the relationship between students’ attitudes and their grades and departments. In addition, it explored the students’ motivation and motivation orientation levels, and looked into the correlations between the students’ motivation, motivation orientation levels and their grades, and finally, it examined the differences in students’ motivation levels, motivation orientation levels with respect to their departments. The study was carried out with 82 second-year students at Başkent University using a survey designed on a five-point Likert-scale. The data collected were analyzed through descriptive statistics, a one-way ANOVA and Pearson correlation procedures. The participants were also asked to describe their general and vocabulary study habits. These descriptions were analyzed by means of categorization and illustrated using Excel.