Tarihi kentsel alanlardaki mimari mirasın tesbiti için tarihsel-bağıntısal bir yaklaşım önerisi : İstanbul Galata örneği.

Tezin Türü: Doktora

Tezin Yürütüldüğü Kurum: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Türkiye

Tezin Onay Tarihi: 2004

Tezin Dili: İngilizce

Öğrenci: Hicran Topçu



The recent developments in the urban conservation theory has introduced a contextual perspective that gives further emphasis to the cultural integrity of the historic urban area which is created through the physical and non-physical relationships between the urban context and its components. In this perspective, the conventional identification tools of the urban conservation - the separate designation of the buildings and areas- come to be questioned, and re-formulated according to the demands created by this new holistic-contextual understanding of the heritage conservation. In this thesis, it is aimed to formulate a historic-contextual method for the identification of the built heritage. Re-establishing the links between the historic urban context and its components, and turning the inherent character of the area into an effective tool for the conservation of the area, we claim that such an approach would provide the necessary interface between the conservation and development, responding the requirements of both and providing a common base both for the action and research. The thesis comprises a conceptual part focusing on the historic-contextual aspects of the built heritage and a case study for the experimentation of the defined methodology. The case study is realized in the Galata district in Istanbul, which represents one of the richest examples in Turkey from the aspect of the availability of historic sources.