Examination of suitability of performance based contracts for the Turkish road maintenance sector


Journal of Construction Engineering, Management Innovation, vol.3, no.3, pp.179-192, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Over the last decades, many countries have been in the search of new contracting types for the road maintenance sector to increase the efficiency and to reduce the cost. Lately, Performance based Contracting (PBC) became a popular approach for road maintenance (RM). Although there are many studies and cases that present the affirmative results of PBC, changing the RM system from the traditional contracting methods to PBC, is very compelling. Turkey has made huge investments in road construction sector and maintenance activities in recent years. These investments will lead to excessive road maintenance costs in the near future. Moreover, sustaining the quality of road networks can be a challenge. PBC is known to be very promising to maintain the road network on a permanently good level of service. However, based on the existing conditions and expectations of each country, a custom PBC system needs to be established. Hence, the objective of this study is to acquire the perspectives of road users and experts on the quality of the existing RM services and their expectations. Moreover, it was aimed to examine the perspective of experts to the current contracting method and PBC. For this purpose, three interviews were performed with senior road experts, and two sets of surveys were designed. The first survey targeted road users and the second survey targeted road experts from different stakeholders (e.g., designers, consultants, road agency). Consequently, the majority of participants stated that the current RM services require improvement and PBC has the potential to address this need.