Electron-lattice interaction scattering mobility in Tl(2)InGaSe(4) single crystals

QASRAWI A. F. H., Gasanly N.

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, vol.20, no.15, 2008 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this work, the dark electrical resistivity, charge carrier density and Hall mobility of Tl(2)InGaSe(4) single crystal have been recorded and analyzed to investigate the dominant scattering mechanism in the crystal. The data analyses have shown that this crystal exhibits an extrinsic n-type conduction. The temperature-dependent dark electrical resistivity analysis reflected the existence of two energy levels as 0.396 and 0.512 eV, being dominant above and below 260 K, respectively. The temperature dependence of the carrier density was analyzed by using the single-donor-single-acceptor model. The latter analysis has shown that the above maintained 0.512 eV energy level is a donor impurity level. The compensation ratio for this crystal is determined as 0.96. The Hall mobility of Tl(2)InGaSe(4) is found to be limited by the scattering of electron-acoustic phonon interactions. The calculated theoretical acoustic phonon scattering mobility agrees with the experimental one under the condition that the acoustic deformation potential is 12.5 eV.