Biological and green synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Forough M., Khalil F.

Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, vol.34, no.4, pp.281-287, 2010 (Scopus) identifier


In this work, the synthesis of stable silver nanoparticles by the bioreduction method was investigated. Aqueous extracts of the manna of hedysarum plant and the soap-root (Acanthe phylum bracteatum) plant were used as reducing and stabilizing agents, respectively. UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy was used to monitor the quantitative formation of silver nanoparticles. The characteristics of the obtained silver nanoparticles were studied using X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDX), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The EDX spectrum of the solution containing silver nanoparticles confirmed the presence of an elemental silver signal without any peaks of impurities. The average diameter of the prepared nanoparticles in solution was about 29-68 nm. © TÜBİTAK.