Open Government Data: Analysing Benefits and Challenges

Caldag M. T. , Gökalp M. O. , Gokalp E.

2019 1st International Informatics and Software Engineering Conference (UBMYK), Ankara, Türkiye, 6 - 07 Kasım 2019 identifier


© 2019 IEEE.Open Government Data enables stakeholders to monitor and participate in governance processes by accessing governance information and decision-making areas while providing transparency, accountability, cooperation, participation, new job opportunities that provide public benefits. However, many open government data initiatives either fail or never start because of the challenges it has. After conducting the systematic literature review, it was determined that there is a lack of study covering analyzing the benefits and challenges of open government data in a holistic perspective and providing a road map to overcome these difficulties for our country. In order to satisfy this gap, this study aims to define the benefits and challenges of open government data from a holistic socio-technical perspective and derive a roadmap including guidelines to overcome these difficulties for the benefit of organizations aiming to transition to open government data.