A New Family of Constrained Codes with Applications in Data Storage

HAREEDY A., Calderbank R.

2019 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2019, Visby, Sweden, 25 - 28 August 2019 identifier identifier


© 2019 IEEE.Line codes make it possible to mitigate interference, to prevent short pulses, and to generate streams of bipolar signals with no direct-current (DC) power content through balancing. They find application in magnetic recording (MR) devices, in Flash devices, and in optical recording devices. This paper introduces a new family of fixed-length, binary constrained codes, named lexicographically-ordered constrained codes (LOCO codes), for bipolar non-return-to-zero signaling. LOCO codes are capacity achieving, the lexicographic indexing enables simple, practical encoding and decoding, and this simplicity is demonstrated through analysis of circuit complexity. Experimental results demonstrate a gain of up to 10% in rate achieved by LOCO codes with respect to practical run-length-limited codes designed for the same purpose. Simulation results suggest that it is possible to achieve channel density gains of about 20% in MR systems by using a LOCO code to encode only the parity bits of a low-density parity-check code before writing.