Multiomics-Engaging colors

Özcan Kabasakal S.

19th Annual Proteomics Conference, Seoul, South Korea, 28 - 29 March 2019

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Unpublished
  • City: Seoul
  • Country: South Korea


High-throughput omics technologies have revolutionised biological research
by enhancing our understanding of fundamental molecular processes. Despite
the recent advances in evolutionary genomics, human brain development is
still poorly understood. We have combined transcriptomics with four mass
spectrometry (MS)-based omics technologies: proteomics, metallomics,
glycomics and lipidomics, to gain new insights into human brain
development. The integrated multiomics approach was employed to
investigate the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) throughout
post-natal development from 69 individuals aged six weeks to 49 years. The
DLPFC is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors and strongly linked to
personality development. High-dimensional data was analyzed using rigorous
statistical methods at different post-natal developmental stages across
multiple omics layers. This integrative multiomics approach reveals novel
insights into the critical stages of cognitive development.