Accurate and Stable Solutions of Densely Discretized Conductors with a Novel Combined Potential-Field Formulation

Eris O., Karaova G., Ergul O.

34th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science, URSI GASS 2021, Rome, Italy, 28 August - 04 September 2021 identifier


© 2021 URSI.We present a novel surface-integral-equation formulation for accurate, stable, and efficient analyses of three-dimensional conductors with dense discretizations in terms of wavelength. Recently developed potential integral equations (PIEs) for low-frequency-stable solutions suffer from internal resonances that limit their applicability to large-scale objects. We combine the conventional PIEs with the magnetic-field integral equation and another potential integral equation to reach a combined potential-field formulation (CPFF). Numerical examples demonstrate excellent broadband characteristics of CPFF, independent of the size of the target object and its discretization.