An Analytical Approach for the Calculation of Flux-Linkage Including End-Effect for SR Motors

ÖZLÜ ERTAN H. G. , Yalciner L. B.

International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion, Ischia, İtalya, 11 - 13 Haziran 2008, ss.301-302 identifier identifier


The accuracy of flux linkage-current-position curves has vital importance for designing SR motors. Analytical prediction of these curves is very difficult and as shown in this paper 2D approach leads to erroneous prediction of the flux linkage curves and hence significant errors in performance prediction of SR motors. This paper makes an important contribution to the design process by developing an approach for the analytical calculation of flux linkage-current-position curves including the end effect. As shown here, using flux-linkage curves predicted with this method leads to accurate prediction of motor performance