Simulation von Gaswegigkeiten im Bereich von Kreideschichten - Numerical simulation of gas conductivity of geological formations

Doğan M. O.

Deutsche Montan Technologie, pp.27, Bochum, 2005

  • Publication Type: Expert Report / Expert Report
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • City: Bochum
  • Middle East Technical University Affiliated: No


Ennigerloh waste dump site was originally an open-cast mining area for the cement firm Anneliese Zement AG. Later, this site is used as dump area for mining debris. In 1981 it is decided to use the site as waste dump area. Since 1996 the site is used by AWG (Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Warendorf mbH) for waste disposal. The organic part of the waste, which is disposed to the Ennigerloh waste dump site, forms biogas including methane via anaerobic degradation processes. Methane which is odorless can lead to serious problems to the people if no counter measures are taken: • There is a risk of suffocation where methane is leaking into the buildings surrounding the waste dump site. • Methane is explosive if the concentration in air is in the range of 5 to 15 vol.-%.. There are different techniques, such as building a horizontally interconnected well network or digging a ditch along the dump site, to control the methane migration from the waste dump site before reaching the surrounding buildings. In order to decide which control technique to use depends on behavior of the methane propagation in the subsurface. Therefore, a preliminary study is necessary to investigate methane propagation in the subsurface for different scenarios. Due to usual complex geology and complex transport processes it is not possible to solve the system analytically. Numerical simulations can help to get better understanding of these systems. In the next section two-phase three-component model (2p3c model), which is used in this work, is described in detail.