Scalar Conservation Laws

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Okutmuştur B.

in: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics for Emerging Engineering Processes - Eulerian vs. Lagrangian, Albert S. Kim, Editor, IntechOpen, London, pp.69-92, 2019

  • Publication Type: Book Chapter / Chapter Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Publisher: IntechOpen
  • City: London
  • Page Numbers: pp.69-92
  • Editors: Albert S. Kim, Editor


We present a theoretical aspect of conservation laws by using simplest scalar models with essential properties. We start by rewriting the general scalar conserva- tion law as a quasilinear partial differential equation and solve it by method of characteristics. Here we come across with the notion of strong and weak solutions depending on the initial value of the problem. Taking into account a special initial data for the left and right side of a discontinuity point, we get the related Riemann problem. An illustration of this problem is provided by some examples. In the remaining part of the chapter, we extend this analysis to the gas dynamics given in the Euler system of equations in one dimension. The transformations of this system into the Lagrangian coordinates follow by applying a suitable change of coordinates which is one of the main issues of this section. We next introduce a first-order Godunov finite volume scheme for scalar conservation laws which leads us to write Godunov schemes in both Eulerian and Lagrangian coordinates in one dimension where, in particular, the Lagrangian scheme is reformulated as a finite volume method. Finally, we end up the chapter by providing a comparison of Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches.