Interactive computer simulation of dislocation damping spectra associated with the coupled motion of geometric kinks and point defects subjected to the bulk segregation phenomenon

Ogurtani T., Gungor M., Oren E.

MECHANICAL SPECTROSCOPY II, PROCEEDINGS, vol.89, pp.141-190, 2003 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The set of non-linear differential equations which describes the kink chain oscillating in an atmosphere of continuously distributed paraelastic (interstitials) or isotropic defects and, in addition, decorated by a dragging point defect at the midpoint, is solved numerically after introducing a novel scaling and re-normalization procedure. The internal friction coefficient obtained indicates the existence of two separate peaks, the decoration peak and the parent peak, which are directly related to the selectively localized point defect dragging and the smeared-out paraelastic or isotropic defects atmosphere, respectively.