“What Lies Beneath Our Words? Assessing Teamwork Communication Competence”

Tanrıverdi S., Yazarken B., Acar A., Ruhi Sipahioğlu I., Işik Güler H.


  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • City: Trabzon
  • Country: Turkey
  • Page Numbers: pp.335-345
  • Middle East Technical University Affiliated: Yes


The architectural design process is inherently collaborative, involving a team effort. Various disciplines contribute their specialized knowledge in the process. The architect, as a member of the team, is responsible for designing the design process itself. They oversee the comprehensive examination of the design process across all disciplines and design elements, ensuring a holistic approach at every scale. Therefore, architectural design teams must shift/sail between various levels/scales of knowledge/information derived from multiple disciplines when designing (Sipahioğlu & Çağlar, n.d.). Zoom-in and zoom-out between layers of information are very crucial for holistic designs. Taking a holistic approach is essential for bringing together knowledge from various fields and crafting solutions that fit into the overall design.

In contemporary practice, especially when considering sustainability imperatives, the appraisal of various facets within the Integrated Design Process (IDP), this study argues, assumes critical significance and effective communication stands as a pivotal linchpin.

Architectural education significantly contributes to the development of these competencies. However, an analysis of educational settings in schools highlights a notable absence of collaborative teamwork involving various disciplines within the current curricula (Kuday, Sipahioğlu and Acar, forthcoming). To this end, this research acknowledges the pivotal role of communication in teamworks involving multiple disciplines. It advocates for the incorporation of communication skills development courses within the learning environments to facilitate effective collaboration among learners from diverse disciplines.

This research endeavours to explore the significance of communication in cultivating a holistic perspective, particularly within the context of transdisciplinary environments through the conversation analysis of the meetings carried out as part of a transdisciplinary project entitled “Fog Catcher.” The project, by bringing experts from various disciplines such as architecture, climate, material science, biophysics, and AI together addresses the problem of drought caused by the increasing climate crisis.