An Optimized Analog Drive-Mode Controller for Vibratory MEMS Gyroscopes

Eminoglu B., Alper S. E. , AKIN T.

25th Eurosensors Conference, Athens, Greece, 4 - 07 September 2011, vol.25 identifier identifier


This paper presents an optimized analytical design procedure for the drive mode analog controllers used in vibratory MEMS gyroscopes. The behaviour of the controller during start-up is analyzed in detail including the effect of the limited voltage swing of the controller circuitry. As a result, an optimum design procedure is developed for controller design, which is also experimentally verified in a practical implementation demonstrating a settling time of only 50msec without any overshoot, for a gyroscope having a quality factor (Q-factor) of 50,000. The new design procedure makes drive mode settling times almost insensitive to the Q-factor, making it suitable to obtain very-fast-starting MEMS gyroscopes even if they are packaged under high-vacuum. (C) 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.