The object of art, which exists ‘presently’: Performance art

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Işıtman Ö.

New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, vol.8, no.1, pp.35-42, 2021 (Conference Book)



The break between object and image was added to the perception of reality and truth which changed with the Internet, social networks and the like in the 1990s. The possibilities that technology provides completed the effort of the postmodernist discourse in art to destroy tradition. All values are being reconstructed. While art is rapidly being digitised, Performance Art has taken its places in art’s agenda. In this article, performance art will be elaborated and analysed with a focus on ceramic art. Performance art is the life itself, it is not repetitive, and it is what happens presently. It communes with the audience. As the object of art that exists at the moment, it cannot be bought, sold or moved. It is a way of transmitting the artist’s ideas in an unusual, striking and unmediated way that is different from the traditional art forms. In the performances, it is mostly seen that breaking traditional forms, using the clay in raw form rather than firing it, reflecting the plasticity of the clay and revitalising it are used as assets. Performance art is a model of rebellion against the era in which we are imprisoned in mass communication and distanced from reality under the image bombardment. It is necessary to see the performance art as an experiment or suggestion, as the object of art which exists presently, rather than as a show to meet expectations.

Keywords: Present time, art, performance art, ceramics, process, audience.