A hierarchical fuzzy decision maker for the Weapon Target Assignment


IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), vol.44, no.1 PART 1, pp.8993-8998, 2011 (Scopus) identifier


The Weapon Target Assignment problem is the problem of assigning weapons to threats with the objective of minimizing the expected survival value of threats. In this work, a Hierarchical Fuzzy Decision Maker is considered as an alternative decision-aid system for the Weapon Target Assignment. Thus, a novel procedure is proposed to identify Hierarchical Fuzzy Decision Makers such that entire hierarchy satisfies a desired approximation performance even with a strict constraint on the size of rule base. The idea is to increase approximation performance through cascaded stages. The proposed procedure is applied to implement a Hierarchical Fuzzy Decision Maker for a number of randomly sampled Weapon Target Assignment instances on a realistic scenario. The simulation results show that identified systems have satisfactory performance and serviceable on the battlefield. © 2011 IFAC.