Poststructuralism, absence, mimesis: Making difference, reproducing sovereignty

Polat N.

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, vol.4, no.4, pp.447-477, 1998 (SSCI) identifier identifier


This article aims to pursue an assessment of the arguments, promises and potentialities of poststructuralism as a genuine departure from the Idealist-Realist binary which rules IR theory In so doing, the article seeks to encounter the case for poststructuralism through the linguistic and philosophical precepts poststructuralism builds on. The 'moral' and 'mimetic' themes involving the poststructuralist debate in recent IR theory are subsequently registered as two sites of encounter. Through a discussion of these two interwoven themes, the article argues that concern for alterity is an imperative dictated by the poststructuralist celebration of mimesis, while indicating the paradoxically anti-mimetic prejudice frequently risked in poststructuralist scholarship.