Darwinian Processes and Memes in Furniture Design in Turkey A Memetic Theory of IKEA Design

Yalman Yıldırım Z.

International Journal of Arts and Commerce, vol.3, no.8, pp.95-102, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This paper aims to find answers to two questions whether we can apply Darwin’s natural selection process in other fields outside of biology such as; design or not. And whether we can explain the success of IKEA design in Turkey depending on seven premises of Darwinian change. To begin, memes, memetics and how they evolve from the perspective of Darwinian processes will be mentioned. Then premises of Darwinian changes, Darwin’s natural selection processes about biological world will be adapted to non-biological world such as; design, especially furniture design. By applying theory of memes and memetics to the field of design, designed furniture rather than species in biology will be examined. This paper tries to explain success of IKEA case in Turkey and in the world based on memetic theory. In explaining this a point of view of Universal Darwinism is needed. In the final part, several factors that aid meme transmission of IKEA in society will be focused.