Gauge Theories with Fuzzy Extra Dimensions and Noncommutative Vortices and Fluxons

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Kurkcuoglu S.

5th International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy (DICE) - Space-Time-Matter - Current Issues in Quantum Mechanics and Beyond, Tuscany, İtalya, 13 - 17 Eylül 2010, cilt.306 identifier identifier


A U(2) Yang-Mills theory on the space M x S-F(2) is considered, where it is assumed that M is an arbitrary noncommutative space and S-F(2) is a fuzzy sphere spontaneously generated from a noncommutative U(N) Yang-Mills theory on M coupled to a triplet of scalars in the adjoint of U(N). SU(2)-equivariant reduction of this theory leads to a noncommutative U(1) gauge theory coupled adjointly to a set of scalar fields. The emergent model is studied on the Groenewald-Moyal plane R-theta(2) and it is found that, in certain limits, it admits noncommutative, non-BPS vortex as well as fluxon solutions.