Delphi technique as a graduate course activity: Elementary science teachers' TPACK competencies

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Aydin G. C. , Evren E., Atakan I., ŞEN M., Yilmaz B., Pirgon E., ...More

ERPA International Congresses on Education (ERPA), Athens, Greece, 4 - 07 June 2015, vol.26 identifier


This study aims to explore graduate science education students' views of elementary science teachers' TPACK competencies by employing a Delphi technique. 9 graduate science education students enrolled in a graduate course participated in the study. In the first round, participants were asked to list the competencies of an elementary science teacher with high level of TPACK and a total of 88 competencies were listed. In the second round, all participants investigated these competencies and eliminated the similar ones. In the third round, the number of competencies was narrowed down to 35 and participants rated them on a 7-point Likert type scale. In the fourth round, participants investigated the interquartile range and median values for those competencies, their own previous ratings and rated the competencies again. At the end, a total of 29 competencies were agreed on by all participants. For agreement criteria interquartile range and median values were used.