Capturability of Combined Augmented Proportional Navigation against a Pull-Up Maneuvering Target

Nugroho L., KUTAY A. T.

IEEE International Conference on Aerospace Electronics and Remote Sensing Technology (ICARES), Balvi, Letonya, 3 - 05 Aralık 2015 identifier identifier identifier

  • Basıldığı Şehir: Balvi
  • Basıldığı Ülke: Letonya


This article paper proposes a variation of the augmented proportional navigation law, called combined augmented proportional navigation which is studied to intercept a non-maneuvering target. This law is constructed from two predecessor laws, augmented proportional navigation (APN) known for its superiority performance against such target and coupled with combined proportional navigation (CPN) which has capability to compute head angle more than 90 degrees by solving the appearance of singularity in navigation ratio. CAPN guidance law is defined by deriving the effective navigation ratio from the PN-based guidance law and the rate of change of target-pursuer range. The simulations show the capability of CAPN guidance law applied to a missile engaging head-to-head scenarios which the target use a pull-up maneuver. It is contrasted with PPN and TPN classical guidance law, to compare performance in terms of miss distance. CAPN guidance law is regarded as better than those of other classical PN-based guidance laws.