Compact and Directional Printed Dipole Antenna Pair Conformed on a Conical Surface

Haykir Y., Kallem A., DEMİR Ş.

34th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science, URSI GASS 2021, Rome, Italy, 28 August - 04 September 2021 identifier


© 2021 URSI.In this paper, a small sized transmitting and receiving conformal antenna pair is proposed on a conical surface for C-band radar applications. The antenna pair consists of printed dipole elements and a truncated reflector plane, printed on a flexible and multilayer circuit board. As the antenna pair is wrapped around a conical surface, it can fit in a very small volume, and yet sufficiently low mutual coupling between antennas can be achieved. The antenna also yields wideband characteristics with a directional radiation towards the tip of the cone. As a compact and flexible antenna, it can be well utilized in radar applications such as radio altimeters and proximity sensors.