Plastic slip patterns through rate-independent and rate-dependent plasticity

Lancioni G., Yalcinkaya T.

17th Conference of the European-Scientific-Association-on-Material-Forming (ESAFORM), Espoo, Finland, 7 - 09 May 2014, pp.1777-1786 identifier identifier


Plastic deformation induces various types of dislocation microstructures at different length scales, which eventually results in a heterogeneous deformation field in metallic materials. Development of such structures manifests themselves as macroscopic hardening/softening response and plastic anisotropy during strain path changes, which is often observed during forming processes. In this paper we present two different non-local plasticity models based on non-convex potentials to simulate the intrinsic rate-dependent and rate-independent development of plastic slip patterns, which is the simplified mechanism for the intrinsic microstructure development. For the sake of mechanistic understanding, the formulation and the simulations will be conducted in one-dimension which does not exclude its extension to multi-dimensions resulting in a crystal plasticity framework.