Theoretical determination of K-1(1270,1400) mixing angle in QCD

Dag H., ÖZPİNECİ A., Cagil A., ERKOL G.

3rd International Conference on Hadron Physics (TROIA), Çanakkale, Turkey, 22 - 25 August 2011, vol.348 identifier identifier


In quark model, the strange axial vector mesons K-1(1270) and K-1(1400) are defined as the mixtures of orbital angular momentum states K-1A and K-1B. In this work, by using the orthogonality of the mass eigenstates, we have estimated the K-1(1270; 1400) mixing angle theta(K1), where we have found that theta(K1) similar or equal to -(39 +/- 4)degrees.