Electromagnetic structure of charmed hadrons

ERKOL G., Can K. U. , IŞILDAK B., Oka M., ÖZPİNECİ A. , Takahashi T. T.

11th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons (BEACH), Birmingham, İngiltere, 21 - 26 Temmuz 2014, cilt.556 identifier identifier


We compute the electromagnetic structures of D and D* mesons, the singly charmed Sigma(c) Omega(c), and the doubly charmed Xi(cc), Omega(cc) baryons in 2+1 flavor Lattice QCD. We extract the charge radii and the magnetic moments of these hadrons. In general, charmed hadrons are found to be more compact as compared to light hadrons. The magnetic moments of the singly charmed baryons are found to be dominantly determined by the light quark and the role of the charm quark is significantly enhanced when it is doubly represented.