Special Structures and Structural Monitoring Research Center (SRC)

Welcome to the Special Structures and Structured Monitoring Application and Research Center (ÖYAM) 

Engineering structures in our country (buildings, bridges, dams, etc.) after the construction of the structural status measurement, changing the specifications and conditions of the existing structure of the structure and safety, as well as the effects of structural aging effects and structural changes in the world and in our country to see the effects of increasing number and scope are monitored and evaluated. Unusual (very high and delicate structures, skyscrapers and towers, historical monumental structures, deep excavations, wide spans - high bridges - viaducts, high-speed train and railroad structures, floods - sewage etc. water structures, coastal port - underwater - open sea - In-water structures, prefabricated and robotically constructed structures, dams, floors, landslides, tunnels, subways, wooden structures, membrane structures and wide-span roofs, stadiums, airports, green, sustainable and energy efficient structures, water - oil - energy transmission The existing damage, security, design, material, life cycle, earthquake, structural evaluation and monitoring works of the structures are becoming increasingly important as the engineering conditions are challenged, such as lines, nuclear power plants, factories, mosque - amphitheater, concert hall etc. . Information and communication (informatics) in the field of structural issues of tablets, mobile phones, non-wired sensors, fast automatic evaluation, damage status feedback, old and new architecture, environment, city planning, current and innovative materials, featured and sustainable structures are very different works by bringing together the fields.