Utilization of microorganisms in oil recovery and a laboratory application for Raman crude oil Mikroorganizmalarin petrol uretiminde kullanilislari ve Raman petrolu icin bir laboratuvar uygulamasi

Behlulgil K., Mehmetoglu T., Donmez S.

Doga, Turkish Journal of Engineering & Environmental Sciences, vol.16, no.4, pp.369-375, 1992 (Scopus) identifier


The utilization of microorganisms to overcome various problems encountered in petroleum production is attracting increasing attention in recent years. In this study, one of the methods that uses microorganisms for the enhancement of petroleum recovery, namely, Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery and its application to Raman oil is discussed. As a result of comparison with the reference experiment, it is observed that the presence of microorganisms caused a 12% increase in oil recovery. This increase is attributed to the changes in viscosity and pH of the medium. (A)