ROBOtic Replicants for Optimizing the Yield by Augmenting Living Ecosystems

Şahin E. (Executive), Turgut A. E., Alemdar H.

H2020 Project, 2021 - 2026

  • Project Type: H2020 Project
  • Begin Date: November 2021
  • End Date: September 2026

Project Abstract

As the world’s most successful pollinators, bees play a huge part in every aspect of the ecosystem. So, any decline in bee populations could pose a threat to global agriculture. In this context, the EU-funded RoboRoyale project is developing and combining micro-robotic, biological and machine learning technologies into a system that can support the well-being of the honeybee queen, which is responsible for the reproductive success and efficiency of a colony. Specifically, the micro-robotic system will operate around the queen. For instance, this multi-robot system will replace the court bees that are in charge of feeding, grooming and cleaning of the queen as well as the facilitation of pheromone transfer from the queen to the workers.