SolarTwins: Solar Twinning to Create Solar Research Twins

Baker D. K. , Tari I. , Okutucu Özyurt H. T. , Akata Kurç B. , Çulfaz Emecen P. Z. , Kurt Z. , et al.

H2020 Project, 2020 - 2022

  • Project Type: H2020 Project
  • Begin Date: January 2020
  • End Date: December 2022

Project Abstract

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is a very promising source of renewable energy. Its use is not limited to bulk electricity generation. Other applications include heat production for industrial processes, hydrogen and solar fuel production, and water treatment. EU funding of the SolarTwins project will help Turkey’s Middle East Technical University to promote excellence and research capacities in CSP by cooperating with the PSA-CIEMAT – the largest concentrating solar technology research, development and test centre in Europe, and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The initiative will support onsite training, staff exchanges, expert visits, summer schools, and dissemination and outreach activities.