The Future of EU-Turkey Relations. Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios

Akçomak İ. S. , Erdil E. , Şenyuva Ö. , Aydınoğlu A. U.

H2020 Project, 2016 - 2019

  • Project Type: H2020 Project
  • Begin Date: April 2016
  • End Date: March 2019

Project Abstract

The EU and Turkey face mounting challenges both in relation to one another and internationally. The EU has recently been confronted with a series of crises, e.g. in the economic and migration dimensions. These developments as well as the Brexit-question are likely to make differentiation a growing phenomenon. On the other hand, Turkey faces polarisation between different political forces, the state and civil society. The neighbourhood is unravelling to the east and south and a power shift is under way at global level. This questions the regional roles of Turkey and the EU.

Against this backdrop, FEUTURE’s research aims to: 

  • map the dynamics of EU-Turkey relations as to underlying narratives and thematic drivers; 
  • substantiate most likely future scenario(s) and assess its implications; 
  • draw policy recommendations. 

FEUTURE provides excellence and pursues an ambitious, inspiring and innovative programme in a three-phased structure of elaboration, exploration and extrapolation. It applies an inter-temporal, interdisciplinary and international approach by analysing drivers within six thematic dimensions (politics, security, economics, energy, migration, identity) and across four levels of analysis (EU, Turkey, neighbourhood, global).