Baker D. K. , Kale N., Kazanç Özerinç F.

H2020 Project, 2019 - 2023

  • Project Type: H2020 Project
  • Begin Date: June 2019
  • End Date: May 2023

Project Abstract

Renewables like the Sun and wind increase the uncertainty and variability in energy generation and delivery to consumers. Geothermal plants can help balance fluctuations by operating in a more flexible mode to respond to sudden changes in energy use. The EU-funded GeoSmart project is working on methods to store heat energy when demand is low so that it can be released when demand is high. The project also plans to create a hybrid cooling system for the organic Rankine cycle plant that will prevent efficiency degradation due to seasonal changes. Overall, GeoSmart technologies will allow geothermal plants to cost-effectively respond to different heat and power demands.