Third Country Training Programme on Disaster Risk Management and Building Disaster Resilient Communities

Şenol Balaban M. (Yürütücü)

TICA-JICA İşbirliği Programı Destekli Proje, 2019 - 2019

  • Proje Türü: TICA-JICA İşbirliği Programı Destekli Proje
  • Başlama Tarihi: Nisan 2019
  • Bitiş Tarihi: Mayıs 2019

Proje Özeti

The Third Country Training Programme on ‘Disaster Risk Management and Building Disaster Resilient Communities were held in Ankara between 15 - 30 April 2019’ in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency and Middle East Technical University (METU) Disaster Management Center.

In total, 12 participants attended the training program, which is mainly conducted in Ankara with field visits to Kaynaşlı, Bursa, and Istanbul. Three participants were selected from 4 countries of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Philippines. 

Main headings of courses can be listed as: Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience and Sustainable Development, Coordination in Disaster/Emergency Response and Assessing Needs and Resources, ‘Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptations and Development’, ‘Technology for Risk Reduction, ‘Achieving Resilience through Assuring Construction Quality: A Fantasy for Most of the World?’ ’Town-watching/Disaster Imaginary Game (DIG)’, ‘Social Vulnerability in Disasters and Social Risks’, ‘Post-disaster recovery policies and practices’, ‘Damage Patterns during Major Earthquakes in Turkey’, ‘Flood Risk Management and Urban Design Practices’, ‘Disaster preparedness and psychosocial support’, ‘Resiliency in Turkey’, ‘Decentralization and Capacity Building of Local Government in Japan’, ‘Disaster Governance in Japan’, ‘Resilience within the context of Sendai’, ‘Disaster Resiliency in Japan’, ‘Post-Disaster Sheltering: A Problematic Issue’.

These lectures with titles mentioned above have been delivered at METU campus in Ankara in classroom and face-to-face by the very capable and experienced academic staffs including Japanese experts. There was a field trip to Kaynaşlı, Düzce and field visit to Bursa to observe Disaster Training Center, Bursa Provincial AFAD and Inegol Landslide Area, as well as in Istanbul Hasdal AFAD and to visit an earthquake reconstruction site of Kadıköy Atatürk Fen Lisesi and retrofitting site of Göztepe Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi.