Construction techniques of traditional Sivrihisar houses

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Student: Ezgi Pehlivan



The aim of this thesis is to investigate and document the construction techniques of the traditional houses in Sivrihisar and to create a reliable and comprehensive information about construction techniques specific to the region. For this purpose, firstly literature review was done about conservation, the importance of authenticity and documentation, and about traditional houses in Turkey. In addition, literature and archive researches were done on the history and general characteristics of Sivrihisar, conservation works in the region, and the characteristics of traditional houses in Sivrihisar. For the field survey, 28 traditional houses, which have retained their characteristics in Sivrihisar, were selected. Out of 28 traditional houses, 14 of them were surveyed partially, and 14 of them were investigated in detail from ground to roof. Structural and architectural elements of 28 houses were investigated by sketching, measuring and photographing. After that, data collected from site survey was documented and drawings of 14 houses were prepared. Each building system elements of 28 houses were analysed and classified according to their similarities and differences by comparative assessment. Building parts from foundation to roof and the transitions between the systems were analyzed and defined. In addition, a code system was applied to the system section drawings of 14 houses. The data collected and analysed was tabulated. Thus, usage frequency of building elements and their classifications were presented on section drawings and tables systematically. At the end of the study, a general evaluation was made about the characteristics and construction techniques of traditional Sivrihisar houses.