Investigation of non-methane volatile organic carbon emissions from interior materials used in the intercity buses

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Turkey

Approval Date: 2004

Thesis Language: English

Student: Baran Görmez



The objectives of this study are to determine the non-methane volatile organic carbon emissions from the parts used in the interiors of buses at different temperatures and to analyze the components of these emissions. The total non-methane volatile organic carbon (NMVOC) concentrations in various sections of a bus were measured in order to determine the indoor air pollution in the bus. Different samples of the materials used in the interior parts of the buses were provided by the manufacturing company and they were tested in the METU Air Pollution Laboratory in order to see what hydrocarbon components make up this total NMVOC concentration.The results of experiments showed that the leading constituent emitted from the test pieces was toluene. Benzene concentration was very low. This is very important since benzene is a carcinogen and it has very low indoor concentration limits determined by OSHA and NIOSH. When the concentrations of the total NMVOC emitted from various parts are examined, it was seen that the most of the VOC emissions occur from the أfloor materialsؤ and أventilation channelؤ. After measurements were done in two buses the average indoor total NMVOC concentrations were found as 21.15 ± 5.8 ppmv (as C3H8) and 46.04 ± 9.2 ppmv (as C3H8) in the first and second bus, respectively. Suggestions were made to the manufacturing company for some replacement of solvents and adhesives, and measurements were repeated with the newly manufactured parts for the bus. The highest concentrations were observed for toluene in these measurements, too. However, the toluene concentration was at least 40% lower than the initial values. Benzene concentrations were again very low. The average indoor total NMVOC concentrations were found as 10.41 ± 2 ppmv (as C3H8) in the measurements done in the bus decorated with new materials. This concentration was about 50% and 25% of the