Developing a parcel-based information system by object-oriented approach

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2003

Thesis Language: English

Student: Emrah Tufan



The cadastre contains parcel related data which must be up-to-date. The cadastral data in any country constitute a very big dataset. Therefore parcel related data should be carefully managed. Today, using a database is an effective way of data management. The relational database management system can be a good one for parcel related data. However when the information system concept is considered, just relational database management system is not enough. Some tools are needed in order to manipulate the data in the relational database management system. Object oriented analysis and design is a good choice to develop these tools. In this study, a parcel-based information system is developed and it is implemented for Çankaya Municipality. During the development relational database management system is used for attribute data management, and object-oriented analysis and design is used for development of application to manipulate the data in the relational database management system. The cadastral data are separated into two parts and each part is handled separately. The first part is the geographic or spatial data. These data are handled by the help of the MapInfo Professional Version 6.5. The other part is the attributes of these spatial data. For this part, relational database is designed and implemented on Microsoft SQL Server Version 2000. During the development of the relational database, conceptual database design is performed by enhanced entity-relationship (EER) model. Then in the logical design, the conceptual model is mapped into the relational model. After data storage area is created, the application is developed on that data by using principles of object-oriented design and analysis and unified modeling language. By the help of the software developed, the data management can be carried out easily. By this study, a solution is proposed for the cadastral data