Investigating science teachers’ classroom discourse and students’ reasoning quality through argument-based inquiry approach.

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2019

Student: Gülşah Özka İnal



This study had three purposes, first the science teachers’ discursive moves (TDMs) during classroom discourse in medium and high levels of Argument Based Inquiry (ABI) implementation were investigated. Moreover, the relationship between the TDMs and their students’ reasoning qualities was also explored in different levels. Finally, this study investigated types of communicative approach performed by teachers. The participants of this study were two elementary science teachers who were selected purposefully among teachers who attended the professional development (PD) program. These teachers’ students were also involved in this study. The data source of this study was video recordings of ABI implementations. The data were analyzed with the systematic observation. The results of the current study revealed that both teachers conducted reflective discourse more and provided knowledge and evaluated students’ response less in high levels of ABI implementation. However, they had difficulty in performing some discursive moves (challenging and seeking for evidence) in both levels. The changes in the percentages of TDMs (knowledge providing and evaluating, reflective discourse) were related to increasing students’ reasoning qualities because their reasoning qualities were more sophisticated in high level. Finally, the teachers considered students’ different points of view more frequently by performing more dialogic approach in high level. Although students were given more opportunity to offer different points of view in high level, students had still difficulty in using evidence and rule-based reasoning while supporting their claim. Then, the recommendations for PD program are given about how teachers create classroom discourse for increasing students’ reasoning quality.