Re-reading of the conservation activities in the historic city of Gaziantep in the 2000s through conservation council decisions

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2013

Thesis Language: English

Student: İlker Teker



The changes in legislative, financial and administrative structure of conservation, which are the fundamentals of this field, put into action in 2004 and started a new era within the conservation history of Turkey. These changes introduced new opportunities for the conservation field and increased the number of conservation implementations, which were insufficient in accordance to reach cultural heritage of the country, enormously in this era. Gaziantep has been one of the historic cities in Turkey, where the impacts of the changes concerning the conservation field have been clearly seen. Although number and speed of the conservation projects increased significantly in this period, quality of the projects and compliance of them to requirements of conservation science has been criticized in this regard. Within the current legal framework of conservation field in Turkey, conservation council decisions are the fundamental legal documents regulating each conservation activity and including provisions in particular to each of them. The aim of this study is re-reading conservation era of an historic city (Gaziantep) after 2004 with its affirmative and negative aspects through conservation council decisions. Gaziantep is a historic city, which has quite a rich multilayered cultural heritage. The historic city of Gaziantep remained until today with a lot of cultural assets including the citadel, the traditional commercial center, many of monumental buildings and the traditional residential fabric at the surrounding of them. Although the historic city encountered deteriorations due to various reasons in time, its urban characteristic and many of traditional buildings could reached today. By utilizing from the new opportunities introduced with the last legislative arrangements and activating dynamics of the city for conservation of cultural heritage, a lot of conservation project at different scales implemented at the historic city of Gaziantep; and the city become one of the pioneer cities of Turkey in this regard. As conservation is a multi-dimensional theme, the conservation projects implemented at the historic city of Gaziantep in this period evaluated in a comprehensive manner considering their physical, socio-cultural, administrative etc. aspects. These studies analyzed in the light of the conservation council decisions. Value criterion defined for assessment of the alterations in the historic fabric of the city. Then impacts of the conservation process on the historical city of Gaziantep and the conservation implementations themselves assessed through these studies.