Synthesis of binderless tubular Zeolite X macrobodies

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Turkey

Approval Date: 2010




Zeolites are microporous crystallines with well defined structures. Zeolites are used in variety of applications because of their properties such as high temperature stability, ion-exchange capacity, adsorption capacity and stability to harsh conditions. Some major applications of zeolites are ion-exchange, catalysis, adsorption and separation. Synthetic zeolites are normally produced as fine crystalline powder. Prior to their use, the powder is usually formed into spheres, tablets and extrudates by addition binder. Since binders present in the zeolite can block the pores and decrase the adsorption properties, preparation binderless zeolite agglomerates with high mechanical stability has great technological importance. Objective of the study is to synthesize binderless zeolite X tubular macrobodies by using the developed methods for the synthesis of zeolite A bars and tubes. Main steps of the study are synthesis of the tubular binderless zeolite X macrobodies, characterization of the macrobodies, determination the effect of hydrogel composition on zeolite phase and analyzing effect of time on the crystallinity of macrobodies. Experimental method for synthesizing the binderless tubular zeolite X macrobodies includes the following steps; preparing hydrogel by mixing sodium aluminate and sodium silicate solutions, filtration of the hydrogel, paste preparation from solid phase of the hydrogel, extrusion of green tubes from paste, calcination of green tubes and crystallization of calcined tubes in filtered liquid of the hydrogel. In this study, synthesis of binderless tubular pure zeolite X macrobodies with high crystallinity was achieved. Micropore volume and BET surface area of the zeolite X tubular macrobody İÇS-18, which has 99.9 % crystallinity were determined as 0.178 cm3/g and 631.2 m2/g, respectively. Pure zeolite X, pure zeolite A and zeolite A, X mixtures were obtained after the crystallization of the calcined extrudates which were obtained from different hydrogel compositions. Ternary diagram which was based on the hydrogel compositions and the obtained zeolite phases was plotted.