Spatial analysis of mass housing areas in Düzce

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, Turkey

Approval Date: 2010




In literature on residential areas, the settlement pattern is analyzed starting from their first apperance. In the pre-industrial city was no specialization of land use, the urban layout was relatively irregular, the street markets, shops, workshops and homes being mixed together. However, after industrialization for cities there was a need for housing supply and these were mostly supplied by blocks around working areas. All of these settlements were not healthy and efficient. So with regulations and policies for better settlements more healty and secure places were planned for workers with the idea of modernism. Also modernism brought the pure geometry for building design. The colour and facade of the buildings were determined related to functions or structural rationalist ideas. This standart and simple blocks were critised by some. Like, Sitte’s (1889) eulogied historic spaces for their random and artistic city aesthetic. The sprawl of housing areas increased the need for accesibility and social integration to each other and main center. On the other hand, the residential quarters in their inner dynmics, the public realm, circulation, self character etc. must be defined for good working settlement and its environment. This resulted in traditional neighborhood properties for better residential settlements that new urbanist way of thought encouraged more ecology and pedestrian-oriented settlements. In Düzce after earthquake in 1999, important scale of housing necessity appeared and this need was supplied with mass housing projects in short time. In fact, 20% of the urban settlement is provided by these mass housing projects and the projects will go on. In fact, 40 % of the settlement is expected to be provided with mass housing projects. Master thesis attempts to clarify the design problems in mass housing areas in Düzce. The problems related to mass housing environment will be discussed, with reference to design concept, to explain whether or not these mass housing areas provide neighborhood standarts.