Identification of low order vehicle handling models from multibody vehicle dynamics models

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Turkey

Approval Date: 2010




Vehicle handling models are commonly used in the design and analysis of vehicle dynamics. Especially, with the advances in vehicle control systems need for accurate and simple vehicle handling models have increased. These models have parameters, some of which are known or easily obtainable, yet some of which are unknown or difficult to obtain. These parameters are obtained by system identification, which is the study of building model from experimental data. In this thesis, identification of vehicle handling models is based on data obtained from the simulation of complex vehicle dynamics model from ADAMS representing the real vehicle and a general methodology has been developed. Identified vehicle handling models are the linear bicycle model and vehicle roll models with different tire models. Changes of sensitivity of the model outputs to model parameters with steering input frequency have been examined by sensitivity analysis to design the test input. To show that unknown parameters of the model can be identified uniquely, structural identifiability analysis has been performed. Minimizing the difference between the data obtained from the simulation of ADAMS vehicle model and the data obtained from the simulation of simple handling models by mathematical optimization methods, unknown parameters have been estimated and handling models have been identified. Estimation task has been performed using MATLAB Simulink Parameter Estimation Toolbox. By model validation it has been shown that identified handling models represent the vehicle system successfully.