Implementation of mesh generation algorithms

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Turkey

Approval Date: 2001




In this thesis, three mesh generation software packages have been developed and implemented. The first two were based on structured mesh generation algorithms and used to solve structured surface and volume mesh generation problems of three-dimensional domains. Structured mesh generation algorithms were based on the concept of isoparametric coordinates. In structured surface mesh generation software, quadrilateral mesh elements were generated for complex three-dimensional surfaces and these elements were then triangulated in order to obtain أhigh-qualityؤ triangular mesh elements. Structured volume mesh generation software was used to generate hexahedral mesh elements for volumes. Tetrahedral mesh elements were constructed from hexahedral elements using hexahedral node insertion method. The results, which were produced by the mesh generation algorithms, were converted to a required format in order to be saved in output files. The third software package is an unstructured quality tetrahedral mesh generator and was used to generate exact Delaunay tetrahedralizations, constrained (conforming) Delaunay tetrahedralizations and quality conforming Delaunay tetrahedralizations. Apart from the mesh generation algorithms used and implemented in this thesis, unstructured mesh generation techniques that can be used to generate quadrilateral, triangular, hexahedral and tetrahedral mesh elements were also discussed.