Customer value of mobile services

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Graduate School of Informatics, Information Systems, Turkey

Approval Date: 2010


Supervisor: ALİ ARİFOĞLU


Mobile devices are becoming widely common today. As the number of mobile devices continue to grow all around the world, its functionality is extending and mobile technologies are gaining more popularity in every aspect of our life. Today, wide range of mobile services is offered to people. The purpose of our study is examining the customer value of mobile services for individuals or citizens. A value model for mobile services has been proposed with five dimensions: Functional Value, Social Value, Emotional Value, Epistemic Value and Economic Value. The effect on each value dimension on Intention to Use (ITU) is aimed to be determined. A survey instrument for mobile Internet services and short message services (SMS) has been developed to validate the proposed model. After assuring the reliability of instrument with a pilot study, data was collected from 303 people working in information and communication technologies (ICT) sector in Turkey. For analyzing proposed model variance-based structural equation modeling (partial least squares) was used. Before evaluating model, exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was conducted to indentify underlying constructs. Based on EFA results, Functional Value was found to have sub-dimensions namely: Ubiquity Value, Performance Value and Security Value. The measurement model was analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The structural model was analyzed using predictive power. For both mobile Internet and SMS, moderate predictive power has been gathered. Finally, the effect of each value dimension on intention to use (ITU) has been evaluated. Ubiquity Value, Performance Value and Epistemic Value have significant effect on ITU for mobile Internet. On the other hand, Economic Value and Performance Value have significant effect on ITU The indications of this research will be valuable for providing information about customer value of current mobile services.